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Media: CE PR PH + other related in some way to issues of social justice. Deadline: 2 |+|
2 mo in Summer to work in individual studios in well equipped college art department. No fee/15-20 (CD), statement of intent, CV, donate completed work at end of residency. $2k, lodging, access to woodshop, ceramics shop, printmaking shop, etc. => Megumi Naitoh, Summer Residency, Emmanuel College, Art Department, 400 The Fenway, Boston MA 02144. 617-264-7684; naitoh @'; 119bz>


Media: All. Deadline: 5 #
4 wks. 2 hours north of NYC to escape daily grind and gain fresh perspective on work. No fee/10 (CD or DVD where approp.), proposal, appl, 3 refs, statement, CV, etc. $875/mo. w/ full room/board and studio. => Eliza, chashama North Residency, chashama, 201 E 42nd St 32nd Fl, NY NY 10017. 212-391-8151x2; eliza.chashama @'; 109ap>


Media: All. Deadline: 9
1 or 2 summer wks. to live and work in secluded natural environment. No fee/10-15 (CD or DVD), letter of intent, appl, etc, $535/wk, scholarships available. small private studio and room and board. => Ox-Bow, Box 216, Saugatuck MI 49453. 269-857-5811; fax -5636; Y119ea>


Media: CE. Deadline: 26 |+|
1-yr stay at studio to make sculpture/installation oriented work. No fee/10 (CD), appl., resume, artist statement, personal statement. Studio space, $500/mo stipend, materials and firing allowance, kiln access, solo exhibit, etc. => Evelyn Shapiro Fdn. Fellowship, The Clay Studio, 139 N 2nd St, Phila PA 19106. 215-925-3453x18; fax -7774; jeff @'; 85cd>


|C| Media: All. Deadline: 31
Use of facilities for a few days to a week or more in winter or early spring to work on experimental, exploratory or challenging projects. $45/10 (CD), appl, 1-2 pg proposal including processes, length of stay, 2 recs., etc, etc. Shared studio, accommodations, etc. => Becca Arday, Professional Artist in Residence, Pilchuck Glass School, 1201 - 316th St NW, Seattle WA 98292-9600. 360-445-3111x29; fax -5515; registrar @'; 118dL>


Media: All. Deadline: 1 |+| #
International. 1- and 2-yr, stays for intensive, innovative studio practice, elaboration of intellectual framework through which to understand that practice. $10/10 (online), resume, statement of intent, 3 recs. Studio space, 24-hr access, $10k/yr. stipend. Jury: professional artists, art historians and critics. => Core Prg: Visual Artists Residency, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Glassell School of Art, Box 6826, Houston TX 77265-6826, USA. 713-639-7500; coreprogram @'; 119bm>

SAMPLE ONLY. Media: All. Deadline: 15 |+|

International. Up to 8 weeks (Oct - Jan) in famous colony to work uninterrupted, for mature and emerging artists. $20/5 (online), appl, refs., etc. Room, board, studio, finan. assist. avail for travel. => Admissions Dir., The MacDowell Colony, 100 High St, Peterborough NH 03458-2485, USA. 603-924-3886; admissions @'; 104ax">SAMPLE ONLY.

Media: CE. Deadline: 15
International. Use .ekwc studio to carry out educational project, work on exhibition or develop a new ceramic product, for example. _35/14 (CD), work plan, refs., etc., use online form. Tech assistance. => Residency for External Projects, European Ceramics Work Centre (.ekwc), Zuid-Willemsvaart 215, 5211 SG Ëœs-Hertogenbosch, NEDERLAND. +31 73 612 45 00; fax -45 68; info @'; 87aq>


Looking for calls looking for your medium?
To find all the photography calls in the PDF, use Adobe Reader's extended search (Shift+Control+F for PCs or Shift + Apple + F for Macs). Enter PH. Check Whole words only and Case-Sensitive and hit Enter. You'¢ll get a clickable list of all the right entries. Click on any to go directly to its whole entry. You can then drag the ones you want into a word processing program to make your own custom AOM. Do the same thing for All and then for 2D (as each accepts photography, too).
Follow a similar procedure for whatever medium you are looking for. See list of abbreviations on p. 3 and elsewhere.
Works for grant, particular states, zip codes, museum, DVD, etc., too.

Media: CE. Deadline: 15
International. 3-13 wks (single visit or cumulative) for professional visual artists, designers and architects to work in clay, even for first time, to develop own work or complete specific project. EUR35/14 (CD), work plan, refs., etc use online form, moderate charge for studio and housing. Budget for materials available. => Individual residency, European Ceramics Work Centre (.ekwc), Zuid-Willemsvaart 215, 5211 SG Ëœs-Hertogenbosch, NEDERLAND. +31 73 612 45 00; fax -45 68; info @'; 87aq>


Media: CE. Deadline: 15
International. 3 mo. for artists who graduated w/in past 2 yrs form academy of art and/or design and are under 30, to learn about ceramics or increase knowledge. _35/14 (CD), work plan, refs., etc use online form. Grant, materials budget. => Residency for Young Participants, European Ceramics Work Centre (.ekwc), Zuid-Willemsvaart 215, 5211 SG Ëœs-Hertogenbosch, NEDERLAND. +31 73 612 45 00; fax -45 68; info @'; 87aq>


Media: BA. Deadline: 15 #
2-12 wks (Summer) to work on project in well equipped book arts center. No fee/10 (CD or sl), appl, project descrip., budget, structural dummy and/or sketches of proposed project, contribute books after. studio access, production support, connection to community, opps for supplemental teaching income. => Artist in Residence Prg, Interlude Editions, 428 1/2 Haywood Rd, West Asheville NC 28806. info @'; 113cq. SAMPLE ONLY.

Media: NM. Deadline: 15 #
International. 3 types of 8-week on-site and off programs for women using current technology, esp. interdisciplinary approaches, any theme. No fee/1, apply on line. $750 artist's fee paid, work space, tech support, use of equip., dissemination of project, etc. => Residencies and Co-Production Prg, Studio XX, 338 Terrasse St-Denis, MontrƒÂ©al QC H2X 1E8, CANADA. 514-845-7934; fax -4941; sophie @'; 76CS. SAMPLE ONLY.

Media: CE. Deadline: 15
3- to 6-wk. Fall fellowships to potters who make 50 glazed bowls or 100 bisque bowls for annual WSW Chili Bowl Fiesta. No fee/6-10 (CD), letter of intent, resume. Housing, studio access. => Ceramics Fellowship, Women'¢s Studio Workshop, Box 489, Rosendale NY 12472. 845-658-9133; fax -9031; info @'; 108dh>


Media: All. Deadline: 3 |+|
International. Fall or winter (11-12 wks) to develop project in collab. w/ Hospital'¢s physicians, staff, healthcare providers, and/or patients their families. No fee/9 (sl or CD or 3-5 2-min samples, CD/DVD, if time-based work), letter of intent appl, resume, 3 refs., etc. Jury: panel of artists, curs., and arts professionals. => Claudia Gonzalez-Griffin, Carolinas Healthcare Artist-in-Residence Prog., McColl Center for Visual Art, 721 North Tryon St, Charlotte NC 28202, USA. 704-332-5535x22; cgriffin @'; 119t>


Media: All. Deadline: 3 |+|
International. 11-12 wks Fall or Winter to work, develop ideas, conduct research. No fee/9 (sl or CD or 3-5 2-min samples, CD/DVD, if time-based work), appl resume, 3 refs., etc. Studio, use of media lab, shops, printmaking studio, other facilities, travel allowance, $2k for materials, $3k stipend. Jury: panel of artists, curs., arts professionals. => Claudia Gonzalez-Griffin, Artist-in-Residence Prog., McColl Center for Visual Art, 721 North Tryon St, Charlotte NC 28202, USA. 704-332-5535x22; cgriffin @'; 119t>


Media: All. Deadline: Current (2010) |+|
International. 3-, 6- and 12-mo. stays for emerging artists in Å“well-equipped studios, an individually structured professional development Prg, and dedicated financial support." $25/10 (CD or DVD), appl, list, statement, etc., participate in open studio, contribute work. Stipend, $100/mo. + up. => Residency Prg, The Luminary, 4900 Reber Pl, Saint Louis, MO 63139, USA. info @'; 119af">SAMPLE ONLY.


Media: All. Deadline: Open + #
International. Site helps artists find residencies in France. No fee. => Catherine Cordelle, Artiststay, USA. apply @'; 110aL>


Media: All. Deadline: Open #
3, 6 or 12 mo. for work, reflection and collegial interaction in unique, small-town setting. No fee/portfolio (CD/DVD), appl, resume, etc., part time management of the gallery space, $100 per month rent, and $99 utilities. Fully furnished apartment, studio space to work, nominal rent and utilities. Jury: first come, first served. => Artist-In-Residence Prg, Corning Center for the Arts, 706 Davis Av, Corning IA 50841. 641-322-4736; corningalumni @'; 119bn">SAMPLE ONLY.

Media: CR. Deadline: Open
International. Time and space to focus on creative work and interact w/ public. No fee/(CD), appl, 3 recs., cover letter w/ brief descrip or project, CV, statement. Studio space, stipend, teaching positions, collaborative works with other resident artists, representation by HCCC, discussions with curators and gallery owners, exposure at HCCC events, and interactions with visiting art professionals. => Jason Kishell, Artist in Residence Prg, Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, 4848 Main St, Houston TX 77002, USA. 713-529-4848x112; jkishell @'; 119bp>


Media: All. Deadline: Open
International. 2-mo. exhibits in store front style window. No fee/10-15 (CD, or DVD for time-based), CV, appl, statement, proposal. => Erin Belanger, +15 Window Project, TRUCK Contemporary Art Gallery, The Grain Exchange (Lower Level), 815 - 1st Street SW, Calgary AB T2P 1N3, CANADA. 403-261-7702; fax -264-7737; programming @'; 117dt>


Media: All. Deadline: Open ~
International. Time, space in summer to create new works, research ideas, experiment w/ different techniques, modes of production at Abbey dedicated to promoting international peace and understanding through universal language of arts. No fee/20 (CD/DVD) appl, plan, resume, statement, etc. 500EUR/wk if accepted. Accommodation, studio space, meal plan, financial aid not avail. => Mary Rousseaux, Pontlevoy Creative Residencies, Eur Am Center, 32500 Telegraph Rd, Bingham Farms MI 48025, USA. director @'; Y114j. SAMPLE ONLY.


Geographic restrictions on applicants

Media: PA DR PR SC NM PH. Deadline: 1
ME residents only. 5 wks (Aug-Oct) for emerging artist, on island as respite from day-to-day cares of family and work. No fee/10-15 (CD), cover letter w/ intent and background, CV, 1 rec. $500 stipend, lodging, studio. Jury:guerite Robichaux, artist; Nathaniel May, dir., Space Gallery, Portland; and Alison Hildreth , artist. => Monhegan Artists'¢ Residency, Box 187, Thomaston ME 04861. 207-354-8562; info @'; Y95bL. SAMPLE ONLY.


see also Public Art

Media: All. Deadline: 5
Latin Americans or Latin American descendants living in US. Accessible to collectors, students, general public w/ interest in Latin American art, also for selection of work for perm. collection, groups shows. No fee/ (CD/DVD, sl, photos), resume w/ current address & country of origin, etc. Call for details. => Graciela Nardi, Artist Registry, Latino Art Museum, 281 S Thomas St Ste 105, Pomona CA 91766. 909-484-2618; latinoartmuseum @'; 119cv>


Media: All. Deadline: Open
For use as resource for pct-for-art projects, etc. No fee/20 (CD/DVD or sl), appl, resume, statement, appl. => Artist Registry, Chicago Public Art Prg., 78 E Washington St, Chicago IL 60602. 312-742-1161; @'; 118a>


Media: All. Deadline: Open
Kitsap, King, Snohomish, Whatcom, Pierce, Mason, Island, Jefferson, San Juan, Clallam, Grays Harbor, Skagit and Thurston counties. Resource for design professionals, developers, individuals who wish to commission stand-alone work, integrated art components, or privately funded projects. No fee, contact for current info. => Janice Shaw, Juried Artist Roster, Bainbridge Island Arts and Humanities Coun., 221 Winslow Way West Ste 201, Bainbridge Island WA 98110. 206-842-7901; Janices @'; 119ax>


Media: PH NM CR PA SC IN FU DR PS PR GR NM. Deadline: Open
CT artists only. Inclusion in Connecticut Artists Collection, may also be considered for purchases or commissions through Art in Public Spaces Prg. No fee/ (CD or 5 min on DVD), appl. => Tamara Dimitri, Connecticut Artist Image Bank, Conn. Commission on the Arts, 1 Constitution Plaza 2nd fl, Hartford CT 06103. 860-256-2720; tamara.dimitri @'; 118f>


Media: SC PA MM IN PH FR VI works on paper. Deadline: Open ~
Columbia County, NY, only. Reference of artists and arts organizations in Columbia County. No fee if member. => Anna Cinquemani, Registry, Columbia County Council on the Arts, 209 Warren St, Hudson NY 12534. 518-671-6213; info @'; 119a>


Media: All. Deadline: Open
Brooklyn-based artists. Used by curators, public, etc. to find artists. No fee, apply online. => Artist Registry, Brooklyn Arts Council, 55 Washington St Ste 218, Brooklyn NY 11201. 718-625-0080; fax 3294; bac @'; 106ae">SAMPLE ONLY.


Media: TXT. Deadline: Current (2010)
International. Papers, special issue proposals and book proposals, esp. documenting work by artists working w/ scientists in fields of climate change, nanotechnology and moon. No fee, contact w/ proposal. => Leonardo/ISAST, 211 Sutter St Ste 501, SF CA 94108, USA. fax 415-391-2385; leonardomanuscripts @'; 108bk>



Did you know?

AOM has nearly twice as many entries as it did two years ago?

If you had to find the original prospectus for each one of these yourself starting from scratch it would take you more than 140 hours.

We screen out the scams and the commercial galleries that charge entrance fees because they rarely help you or your career and they take money out of the art community.

Media: All. Deadline: 8 |+|
Grants for projects that celebrate and challenge sustainable locomotion to reach new limits, for Green Prix parade, Sep18. No fee, apply on site w/ proposal, budget, resume, links to past works, etc, all as PDFs. Up to $500. => Green Prix Micro-Grants, Zero1, 1346 The Alameda Ste 7-109, San Jose CA 95126-5006. 408-916-1010; info @'; 118es-AOM118es">SAMPLE ONLY.

Media: All. Deadline: 8
International. Juried show. $35/2 (sl or CD). $2.75. => Cherie Powell, Gateway to Imagination, Farmington Museum at Gateway Park, 3041 E. Main St, Farmington NM 87402, USA. 505-599-174; fax -326-7572; cpowell @'; Y118ca> SAMPLE ONLY.

Media: SC. Deadline: 0 |+|
International. Make a work that can be disassembled into 3 pieces with 2 predefined silhouettes so that it can be assembled via a graphic interface w/ work of others in project. No fee. Final exhibit Pietrasanta/Italy in summer 2010 => Gerald Sohn, Interactive Sculpture Project - vol 2010, Sculpture Permutations Project, Via Castagnola di sopra 43, Massa-Carrara Tuscany 54100, ITALY. info @'; Y118ad. SAMPLE ONLY.

Media: FI VI. Deadline: 0
International. Showing work 1.5 -5 min. made specifically to illustrate 1 or more poems (provided) submitted to French-English Poetry Festival. No fee/no limit (DVD-PAL), specify title of poem and poet at begin, write the text Å“REVUE LA TRADUCTIERE no 28/33 e FESTIVAL francoanglaise de poesie" on the same, at least 3 stanzas from poem to be inserted directly on image or as soundtrack. Jury: All accepted => Mircea Bochis, 7th International Experimental Film Festival, Florean Museum, PO Box 1, Of. Postal 9, 430510 Baia Mare Maramures, ROMANIA. +40 262 29.96.96; fax same; mirceabochis @'; 118z>SAMPLE ONLY.


Media: PA PR PH GR. Deadline: 0 ~
International. 3 non-juried shows during next few months: Compassion, may have that heme is benefit; Anime is that and 8-bit work; 2012 is on that or futuristic them. $15/4 (CD or email) => Kurt Kohl, Compassion Show/ Anime show/ 2012 art show, Art Cafe, 217 Shoppers Alley, Davison MI 48423, USA. 248--210- 0862; staff @'; 118at">SAMPLE ONLY.

Media: VI. Deadline: 2
International. Screening of non-narrative AV productions of 30 sec - 3min., w/ soundtrack. No fee/1 ( QuickTime DV_NTSC 720 x 480 pixels, 48 Khz stereo files). Awards for best film, best animation, video editing, sound editing, etc => DƒÂªRAPAGE 10, ƒÂªcole de design de l'UQAM, 1440, rue Sanguinet, MontrƒÂ©al (QuƒÂ©bec) H2X 3X9, CANADA. info @'; 96ah>


Media: VI FI. Deadline: 2
International. Screening shorts (<30 min) and features. AUD$60/1 (shorts), AUD$70/1 (features) (DVD), online registration, English or English subtitles => 59th Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, GPO Box 4982, Melbourne, 3001, VIC, AUSTRALIA. +613 (03) 8660 4888; fax -9654 2561; submissions @'; Y107Aah. SAMPLE ONLY.

Media: SC. Deadline: 2
International. 18-mo. exhibit of low-maintenance, durable, free-standing existing or site specific work throughout city. No fee/3(CD, up to 3 views ea), 9 copies of: cost. installation method, resume, budget, and proposal if approp., etc. Up to $4.5k stipend ea. Jury: citizen selection panel. => Susan Jennings, AIR: Temporary Sculpture Exhibit, Roanoke Arts Commission, 117 Church Av, Roanoke VA 24015, USA. 540- 853- 5652; susan.jennings @'; 118du>


Media: PH. Deadline: 5 |+| #
International. Contest for series of photographs taken in 2009 or long-term projects containing at least one photo from 2009, by pro photogs. No fee/10-12 (online only). 5k EU or Leica camera equipment, online exhibit of entries. => Oskar Barnack Award, Leica, USA. 107Bap>


Media: PR xPH. Deadline: 5
International. Year-long traveling juried exhibit of mini-prints (10x10 cm max) any technique, style, subject. $100US (80 EU)/4 prints (actual work, preferably different images), CV, includes membership in ADOGI. Catalog, 50 purchase prizes. => Mercedes Barbera, 30th Mini Print International of CadaquƒÂ©s, ADOGI, Apartado de Correos 9319, Barcelona 08080, SPAIN. 93 211 26 24; adogi @'; 118cv>


Media: Internship. Deadline: 5
Summer internship in mus. environment, for undergrad, grad students. No fee, appl, resume, essay, etc. Placement based on gallery needs, candidate's interest, experience. => Jessica M. DiPalma, Mus. Internship Prog., Albright-Knox Art Gallery, 1285 Elmwood Av, Buffalo NY 14222-1096. 716-270-8282; jdipalma @'; 94a>


Media: All. Deadline: 5
International. Juried show. $35/3, $5 ea addl. (CD, sl, DVD, photos or prints, online). $1k,group show, online registry. Jury: Hitomi Iwasaki, dir. of exhibits., cur., Queens Museum of Art, New York. => John Remsen, Alpan International 2010, Alpan Gallery Inc, 2 W Carver St, Huntington NY 11743, USA. 631-423-4433; info @'; 118aq>


Media: PR. Deadline: 7

Juried show of works by women that challenges boundaries of traditional handprint media. $30/3 (sl, CD, DVD or onsite), statement. Solo show, cash. Jury: Debora Wood is senior cur., Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art, Northwestern U. => Printmaking, Woman Made Gallery, 685 N Milwaukee Av, Chicago IL 60622-8021, USA. 312-738-0400; exhibits @'; 118aL>

Media: All x(PH CU). Deadline: 9
Juried exhibit of work that reflects beauty and uniqueness of flora (realistic or representational style), incl. plants, seed pods, leaves, fruits, flowers, etc. $40/3 (CD). Exhibit for winner. Jury: Wendy Hollender, coord., Botanical Art and Illustration, New York Botanical Garden. => Allison Cruz, Smithtown Twnshp. Arts Coun., Of a Botanical Nature, 660 Rte 25A, St James NY 11780. 631-862-6575; fax -8730; exhibits @'; 118ea>


Media: SC. Deadline: 26
11-mo. exhibit of securable, durable, maintenance-free, safe outdoor sculpture. $25/2 (2 images of ea, online). $1k honorarium ea. + $5k best of show. Jury: Glen Weiss, mgr., Public Art and Design, Times Square Alliance. => Clare Sifford, Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition 2010, Cary Visual Art, Box 4322, Cary NC 27519. 919-531-2821; clare.sifford @'; 118bh">SAMPLE ONLY.


Media: 2D 3D PH. Deadline: 26 #
International. 2 juried shows, over 150,000 visitors. $35/4 (sl or CD, photos may be submitted as exhibition ready prints). $7k. Jury: museum curators, college art profs., professional artists. => Adam J. Shaffer, 2010 Westmoreland Art Nationals, Westmoreland Arts & Heritage Festival, 252 Twin Lakes Rd, Latrobe PA 15650, USA. 724-834-7474; fax -850-7474; info @'; 118ay">SAMPLE ONLY.

Media: VI FI. Deadline: 30
International. Open genre film festival of work <10 min. No Fee/1 (AVI). => The Film Diary, Zenith Films, Flat 1 25 Millstone Lane, Leic LE15JN, UK.

Media: PP (2d & 3D). Deadline: 31
International. Juried show of small work on or of paper (2D no larger than A4, 3D no bigger than 15x15x20cm). 40 EU/3 (email only). EU1.2k, shown in Italy and Bulgaria. => Daniela Todorova MA, Annual Paper Art Exhibition 2010, Art Studio AMATERAS, BULGARIA. ++359 2 8667 753; paperart @'; 118ar>


Media: All + curatorial and research. Deadline: 31 #
International. Grants to facilitate Production of contemporary art projects, Curatorship, Research and development of a cinema script. No fee/dossier of prev. work, appl, CV, photocopy of national ID card or equiv., project outline and images, etc. EU10k max ea. production project, EU21k for curatorial projects, etc. Jury: Delegate Councilor of the Area of Education, Culture and Sport; 3 experts in particular area. => Art and Research: Montehermoso 2010, Centro Cultural Montehermoso Kulturunea, C/Fray ZacarƒÂ­as Martinez, 2, 01001- Vitoria-Gasteiz, SPAIN. +34 945 161 830; Y118cw. SAMPLE ONLY.



Media: 2D 3D. Deadline: 1
Juried show of work depicting bounty of harvest, pastoral farmlands, equipment and tools, and/or addressing environmental and social concerns as they relate to agriculture. $25/5 (, statement. Jury: regional art collectors, artists, and arts professionals. => Catherine Kiewit, Art & Agriculture, Columbia Center for the Arts, 215 Cascade St, Hood River OR 97031. 541-387-8877x115; gallery @'; 118bn>


Media: All wall-hung inc VI & FI. Deadline: 1
International. Invitational, small works (<200 sq. in.) demonstrating dedication to continuance of body of work. No fee/5-10 (sl, inkjet, laser or photocopies or video of recent works), statement re: working process. Booklet of show. => 21st Ann. Inv. Small Works, New Arts Program, Box 82, Kutztown PA 19530-0082, USA. 610-683-6440; fax same; info @'; 95bp>


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I just wanted you to know that I love these lists!--L. G., via the Internet

I have used AOM regularly for the last five years and found it to be a great assistance for me at a specific stage of my career.--B. B., Fairfax CA

Keep up your good work for the artists and the art communities. It is important to continue to assist artists and artistic endeavors, especially in this kind of political climate.--E. S., Scottsdale AZ

I renewed this subscription today. By the way, I've subscribed to other similar services, which I eventually canceled. Yours is by far the best out there.--Dusti Scovel, Wimberley TX

I subscribe to your AOM. I think very highly of you and want you to know that. --W. J. H., Lincoln MA

I think you are already very thorough, and beautifully organized! --L. R., Tucson AZ

From subscription to success in just three weeks - many thanks. Yesterday I received an acceptance to participate (with my intriguing little images!) in the NAP Small Works Invitational Salon, which I found on the first AOM monthly listing you provided. --J. S., Colorado Springs CO

Thanks for such an excellent service. --B. S., Hungary

Great work you're doing, many thanks! --E. C. M., Berkeley CA

Thank you for your amazing service. --M. M., public art administrator, CA

I have found Art Opportunities Monthly to be extremely helpful. . . . Kudos to you for a continuing and well done publication.--W. J. , Front Royal, VA

Thank you for the service and the book. Thanks to these I was able to promote my husband's art - he got accepted to many interesting exhibitions which are definitely helping to develop his carreer.--A. M., Hicksville NY

Thanks for scanning the horizon for us! You make it easy to stay in the game.--S. L., Thayer MO

I truly do appreciate the work you do to collect and make so much information available at such a reasonable cost. I do think it is an excellent resource and have encouraged students to take out their own subscriptions. The check for a couple books is in the mail. I wish I could give a copy of it to every one of our graduates.--M. W., Student Services Coordinator, art school

Thanks for all the great work you do with AOM.--Mary Daniel Hobson,

I love what you do. Thank you for scanning so much information and making it so useable.--S. L. L., Thayer MO

I tell lots of people about your list.--Charles Lewton-Brain, Canada President, Canadian Crafts Federation

A great resource for artist opportunities.--Arts Council of Napa Valley.

This is a really great service. I give your brochures to other artists who come into my gallery.--J. W., Washington DC

Thank you again for the motivation and encouragement. Your emails have kept me up to date about opportunities in the States.  --C. G., Paris, France

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