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Art Opportunities Monthly Sample Copy, Section 2

Note: Check each website for prospectus or application form or send SASE.

These opportunities have been selected from several hundred as most appropriate for serious fine artists, traditional or contemporary. We favor things that are free to the entrants, offer good rewards in relation to the fees, increase the exposure of those accepted, or are prestigious or special in some other way.

These are capsulized versions. When you see something that might be of interest, go to the prospectus (click the

link beginning with http://xxSAMPLE ONLYXX), send an email or #10 SASE for the prospectus or more information.

Art Opportunities Monthly Sample Copy

Art Opportunities Monthly Sample Copy *** Section 2: General listings (continued); Geographic restrictions (w/in USA); Geographic restrictions (outside USA); Membership organizations; Political and peace; Public art; Public art (geographic restrictions)

Because of its size, this Sample Copy is divided into four sections.

See also: 1 | 3 | 4

Media: BA. Deadline: 1
Scholarships to individuals committed to developing careers in book arts field, and to further growth of this artistic profession." $20/10 (sl or CD-PC), resume, demonstration of financial hardship, some work obligations, 2 refs., etc. Free tuition, studio access, teaching opportunities, etc. => Sarah Nicholls, Edward and Sally Van Lier/Stein Family Scholarship, The Center for Book Arts, 28 W 27th S 3rd Fl, NY NY 10001. 212-481-0295; snicholls @; SAMPLE ONLY119bg.

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Media: SC. Deadline: 1
Competition and exhibit of work to be cast in bronze. $10/1 (intent to participate form), then 1/5 maquette by Jun 27. $2k cash, mold and casting of enlarged finished sculpture. => Jeff Adams, Community Art Legacy, The inBronze Foundry, 309 N. Wesley Av, Mt Morris IL 61054. 815-734-7578; jeff @; SAMPLE ONLY108at.

Media: All. Deadline: 2
International. Contribute 6x6' square piece signed only on back to be exhibited anonymously and sold for $20 to benefit Center, seen by 6k visitors. No fee, send by mail or hand deliver. => Bleu Cease, 6x6x2010, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, 137 East Av, Rochester NY 14604, USA. 585-461-2222; info @; SAMPLE ONLY119ej.

Media: 2D x(PH CU DI). Deadline: 3
International. Juried competition w/ 5 categories: portraits and figures, still life, landscape, abstract/experimental, animal, also student/beginner. $25/1 no limit (sl, CD or online). $25k+ in cash, top winners featured in magazine. Jury: Sharon Sprung, teacher, Art Students League, Nat. Academy School of Fine Arts, NYC; Jeffrey T. Larson, artist; Cathy Woo, artist; et al. => 27th Annual Art Competition, The Artist's Magazine, 700 E. State St, Iola WI 54990, USA. 513-531-2690x1328; art-competition @; SAMPLE ONLY98aL.

Media: PH. Deadline: 7
International. Juried show of all photo processes and approaches. $10/1, max 5, discount if before May 2 (online). $1.7k. Jury: Michael Johnson, prof., art, Murray State U. => Michael G. Crouse, 35th Annual Paducah Photo, Yeiser Art Center, 200 Broadway, Paducah KY 42001, USA. 270-442-2453; info @; SAMPLE ONLY119eb.

Media: FI VI. Deadline: 10
International. Juried festival of independent, alternative work. $20-$90/1 depending on length, when submitted (online). Gorilla production software, free admission, possible broadcast, other prizes. => Shelb, 15th Ann. Brainwash Movie Festival, The Brainwash Movie Festival, Box 23302, Oakland CA 94623-0302, USA. 415-273-1545; shelby @; SAMPLE ONLY119be.

Media: 2D 3D. Deadline: 14
Exhibits in 9 hospital galleries by individuals or groups, to assist and complement healing process and reduce stress and anxiety often associated w/ a healthcare setting." No fee/12+ (sl or CD), resume, bio. => Kathi Talley, Call for Entries, Gifts of Art, NI-5E06, NIB, 300 N Ingalls, Ann Arbor MI 48109-5470. 734-936-8829; kmtalley @; SAMPLE ONLY.

Media: All. Deadline: 14
International. Shows of work for 2011 season. $10/20 (CD), resume, statement. => Tommi Drake, Galleries 2011, Rogue Community Col., 3345 Redwood Hwy, Grants Pass OR 97527, USA. 541-956-7339; fax -471-3588; tdrake @;

Media: All. Deadline: 14
Shows for 2011 season. $10/20 (CD), resume, list, statement. $375. => Heather Green, Galleries 2011, Wiseman & FireHouse Gallery, Rogue Community College, 3345 Redwood Hwy, Grants Pass OR 97527. 541-956-7339; fax -471-3588; hgreen @; <76CD>SAMPLE ONLY76CD.

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Media: SC. Deadline: Current (Mar 2010) |+|
1-yr display of secured, weather resistant outdoor work in high traffic area on. No fee /3 (email w/ subject ULM Sculpture Garden Application'), resume, statement, proposal if necessary. $1.5k honorarium per artist. => Cliff Tresner, ULM Sculpture Garden, U of Louisiana-Monroe, Bry Hall, Division of Art, Monroe LA 71209. 318-342-1385; tresner @; SAMPLE ONLY119ez.

Media: All. Deadline: |+|

International. Post documentation of alterations in workplace, home and public spacesmodifying and activating intended use of architecture, enhancing character of urban environments. No fee, register and post. => Adaptive Actions, USA. info @; SAMPLE ONLY119b.

Media: All. Deadline: |+|
International. Objects about 4x4x8 cm for temporary display in ongoing exhibit in case w/ 33 compartments. No fee, download and fill out exhibit sheet. => Debby Boehm, The Museum of Temporary Art, Lange Gasse 25, 72070 TƒÂ¼bingen, GERMANY. info @; SAMPLE ONLY95bm.

Media: All non-toxic. Deadline: + #
Stay to create work, esp. outdoor installations, related to environment, or community-based or student-involvement projects. $15/10-20 (CD or sl), residency proposal (if for community or student project, explain approach, etc.), resume, statement. Scheduled only when funding available, honorarium, studio space, housing. => Environmental Art Prgs, Artist in Residence, The Schuylkill Center, 8480 Hagys Mill Rd, Philadelphia PA 19128. 215-482-7300; fax -8158; scee @; <89bs>SAMPLE ONLY89bs.


(w/in USA) artist must live or work in designated location
Media: SC. Deadline: Mar 12 |+|

OR WA ID. 24-mo. exhibit of human-scale outdoor sculpture, esp. if expressing movement and elegance. No fee/10 (, statement, list. $3k rental for ea + up to $1k for transportation, etc, + possible purchase. => Valerie Otani, Temporary Sculpture Installation, Beaverton Arts Commission, 4755 SW Griffith Dr, Beaverton OR 97005. 503-526-2288; otani @; SAMPLE ONLY119bb.

Media: All. Deadline: Mar 12
Hand deliver for jury. Juried exhibit. $25/1, $5 ea addl. (actual work). Jury: Joyce Jarrett Thor, artist. => April 2010 Regional Art Exhibition, Fredericksburg Ctr for the Creative Arts, 813 Sophia St, Fredericksburg VA 22401. 540-373-5646; curator_main_gallery @; SAMPLE ONLY119ca.

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Media: PU SC IN etc. Deadline: Mar 12 #
Local. Temporary art projects at Pioneer Squares Occidental Park for 1 or more weeks, June thu Sep

2010. No fee, work samples (CD or DVD or URL) showing related work, 1-3 distinct proposals w/ budgets, etc. $2k/wk. => Victoria Schoenburg, ArtSparks, Seattle Off. of Arts & Cultural Affairs, Box 94748, Seattle WA 98124-4748. 206-684-7031; victoria.schoenburg @; SAMPLE ONLY119g.


Media Abbreviations: All All of the below 2D two dimensional 3D three dimensional AU Audio BA Book Arts CE Ceramics CO COllage CR CRafts CU CompUter DI DIgital DR DRawing FI FIlm FR FibeR FU FUrniture GL GLass GR Graphics IN INstallation JE JEwelry ME MEtal MM Mixed Media NM New Media PA Painting PE PErformance PH Photography PP PaPer and papermaking PR PRintmaking PS PaStel PU Public Art QU QUilt SC SCulpture TX TeXtiles VI VIdeo WC WaterColor WE WEb or Net art WM WaterMedia WO WOod. x before code = "except" (does not accept that medium or media)

Other Abbreviations: |+| Editor's Choice ~ Lower Value RFP Request For Proposal RFQ Request For Qualifications |C| Changed since last issue sl slide appl application digi digital CV curriculum vitae or resume k=thousand M=million BPS British Pounds Sterling EUR Euro.

Media: All. Deadline: Mar 15 ~
FL Keys & Key West. Publishing vertical images on cover, vertical or horizontal images on inside pages of Culture 2011 magazine. No fee/3 (photo, print or email), statement, source of inspiration, etc. $750 for 1-time use. => Elizabeth Young, Visual Artists Call, Florida Keys Council of the Arts, 1100 Simonton St #2-263, Key West FL 33040. 305-295-4369; fax -4372; artsadmin @; SAMPLE ONLY119cu.

Media: PH (incl. installations). Deadline: Mar 21

W/in 150 miles of capital. Juried show. $35/5, $5 ea. addl. (email or hand deliver). $1.2k+, purchase prizes, others. Jury: Carrie Haddad, gallerist. => Colleen Skiff, 32nd Photo Regional, Fulton St Gallery, 408 Fulton St, Troy NY 12180. 518-274-8464; photoregional @; SAMPLE ONLY119r.

Media: All. Deadline: Mar 25
Ontario (CAN). 4-wk exhibits in window box by emerging artists, esp. if collaborating, who forget accepted 'rules' and work in a fashion that includes an understanding of flexibility in relation to immediate environment." No fee/5-10 (email), statement, CV, images and descrip. of proposed work. Jury: curators: Simone Rojas-Pick and Jessica Nagy. => Simone Rojas-Pick, Intersections: Window Box, Gallery 1313, 1313 Queen St W, Toronto Ontario M6K 1l8, CANADA. 416-536-6778; intersectionsg1313 @; SAMPLE ONLY119cd.

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Media: PA PU. Deadline: Mar 31

Forsyth Cty and surrounding (Yadkin, Stokes, Davidson, Davie, Surry) and artists who have ties to Winston-Salem. RFP for professional artists to transform 5 inoperable, corrugated metal doors (formerly fire doors) to be hung on side walls of new HanesBrands Theatre in new Downtown Center for Arts. $10/5 (via, project proposal, bio. $5k total. => Rebecca Parker, Downtown Center for the Arts RFQ, Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County, 305 West 4th St, Winston-Salem NC 27101. 336-722-2585x121; rparker @; SAMPLE ONLY119cp.

Media: All. Deadline: Mar 31
Must take place in Baltimore. Grants for projects taking place in Baltimore, must be ny nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations and municipal agencies or individuals and organizations w/ tax-exempt fiscal sponsor. No fee, letter of community or neighborhood support, appl. $2.5-10k. => Kresge Arts in Baltimore, Baltimore Community Fdn, 2 East Read St 9th Fl, Baltimore MD 21202. 410-332-4172x160; scordi @; SAMPLE ONLY119ba.

Media: SC. Deadline: Mar 31 #
W/in 50-miles of Chattanooga. 18-mo. exhibit of functional or non-functional, existing or proposed in newly

constructed park. No fee/10 (CD), resume, letter of interest, 3refs., etc. $3.75k stipend ea. => Peggy Townsend, Jefferson Heights Park Public Art Proj., City of Chattanooga Parks and Rec, 1102 South Watkins St, Chattanooga TN 37404. 423-643-6096; peggywoodtown @; SAMPLE ONLY119bj.

Media: 2D x(VI giclee). Deadline: Apr 2
CT MA NJ NY PA VT. Juried exhibit related to it. $25/2, $5 ea addl, max 7 tot. (CD-PC). $1.5k. Jury: Mary Anna Goetz, landscape painter. => Eric Angeloch, Regional Exhibition, Woodstock School of Art, Box 338, Woodstock NY 12498. 845-679-2388; fax -3208; wsart @; SAMPLE ONLY119aq.

Media: 2D 3D. Deadline: Apr 5
TN. Display in airport cases. No fee/10 ( resume, etc. $.5-1k ea. => Caroline Carlisle, Flying Solo Exhibit. Series, Arts at the Airport Fdn, One Terminal Dr Ste 501, Nashville TN 37214. 615-275-1614; arts @; SAMPLE ONLY119dq.

Media: PH. Deadline: Apr 12
Los Angeles County. RFP for 1-night installations, esp. those that invite audiences to actively participate and interact w/ work. No fee/10 (CD), cover page, narrative, site map & photo, budget, etc-- 7 copies ea. $1.5-2.5k ea. => Malina Moore, Glow, Santa Monica Cultural Affairs Division, Box 2200, Santa Monica CA 90407-2200. 310-458-8350; malina.moore @; SAMPLE ONLY119ar.

Media: All. Deadline: Apr 13
ICA. If chosen, create 50 small works on 6x6' unprimed MDF (or self-supplied supports) in 50 days. $25/3, no max (CD/DVD, sl), proposed theme, additional $75 if chosen. Jury: Marian Parmenter, co-founder, SF MOMA Artists Gallery. => Melinda Lightfoot, 50-50 Show, Sanchez Art Ctr, 1220-B Linda Mar Bl, Pacifica CA 94044. 650-355-1894; info @; SAMPLE ONLY119ek.

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Media: 2D 3D (low relief). Deadline: Apr 15
WA. 6-mo. exhibit in convention center. No fee/10 (CD), appl, resume. Jury: panel drawn from convention center and city government, arts professionals. => Marianne Johnson, Convention Center Art, Lynnwood Arts Comm., Box 5008, Lynnwood WA 98046-5008. 425-744-6459; fax -771-1363; mjohnson @; SAMPLE ONLY109at.

Media: All. Deadline: Apr 16
FL. Juried show of emerging, under-recognized and established younger and mid-career artists. $35/3 ( $3k. Jury: Linda Norden, cur., writer, dir. CUNY Graduate Centers Amie and Tony James Gallery, NYC. =

> 59th Ann. All Florida Juried, Boca Raton Mus. of Art, 501 Plaza Real, Boca Raton FL 33432. 561-392-2500; info @; SAMPLE ONLY97w.

Media: All xPE. Deadline: Apr 16
Past and present residents of Allen, Defiance, Fulton, Hancock, Henry, Lucas, Ottawa, Paulding, Putnam, Sandusky, Seneca, Van Wert, Williams, Wood, Wyandot counties in OH, and Lenawee and Monroe counties in MI. Juried regional exhibit. $30/1-3 ( Jury: Kathryn Reeves, artist, prof. art, Purdue U, and Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art at the Carnegie, Heather Pasanti. => Karen Serota, 92st Annual Toledo Area Artists Exhibition, Toledo Museum of Art, Box 1013, Toledo OH 43697. 419-255-8000x7374; kserota @; SAMPLE ONLY119ex.

Media: All x(FI VI PE AU CR JE). Deadline: Apr 17 ~
CA. Juried exhibit. $15/1, no limit (sl, photos or prints). Unspecified awards. Jury: Grace Kook-Anderson, cur. of exhibitions for Laguna Art Mus. => Larry Newton, California Open, Long Beach Arts, 5372 Long Beach Blv, Long Beach CA 90814. sslarry @; SAMPLE ONLY119dh.

Media: JE GL CE CR. Deadline:

Pacific NW. Selling work suitable for gifts. No fee, email small jpg attachments, w/ info about work and artists or send URL w/ name. => Nichole DeMent, Gift Gallery, ArtsWest, Box 16152, Seattle WA 98116-0152. nicholed @ a; SAMPLE ONLY108w.

Media: Architecture, the environment, Social justice. Deadline: #
CA. Support for early-stage projects (in CA HI & NM) w/ artistic overlay: seed money, working in collab. w/ other funding sources to leverage additional support. No fee, 1-pg letter of inquiry w/ no attachments. $2-5k. => Marina Drummer, Grants, LEF Fdn, 121 Circle Rd, San Rafael CA 94903. 415-499-9591; fax -9592; marina @ lef-marina @; SAMPLE ONLY117cb.


(Outside USA)

Media: NM MSC. Deadline: Apr 10
Reside in UK or Republic of Ireland and activity must take place there. Awards to support imaginative and experimental arts projects that investigate biomedical science. No fee, proposal, etc. Up to 30k BPS. => Arts Awards 2010, Wellcome, Gibbs Bldg, 215 Euston Rd, London NW1 2BE, UK. +44 (0)20 7611 7222; arts @; SAMPLE ONLY100ep.


Media: All. Deadline: Apr 1
Local. Group of artists. $30/10 (, appl, resume, statement, bio., then meet in person w/ 8 original works, then $80/yr. Exhibitions, etc. => Lia Newman, Artists Association Professional Membership, Artspace, 201 E Davie St, Raleigh NC 27601. 919-821-2787; fax -0383; lnewman @; SAMPLE ONLY108v.

Media: SC. Deadline: Apr 10
International. Member-run artist organization w/ over 70 years presenting high quality exhibitions of work by leading US and international professional sculptors. $20/8-12 (CD), resume, inventory sheet, reviews, etc. => Beth Ann Morrison, Membership Review, Sculptors Guild, 110 Greene St Ste 401, NY NY 10012, USA. 212- 431- 5669; fax same; sculptorsguild @; SAMPLE ONLY119em.

Media: CE FR GL JE ME MM PA PH PR WO etc. Deadline: Apr 16
AL FL GA KY LA MD MI NC SC TN VA WV DC. Membership of craft professionals. $30/8 (, booth fees for exhibition. Sell through annual fair and year-round gallery and shop. => Standards Ctte., Piedmont Craftsmen, 601 North Trade St, Wiinston-Salem NC 27101. 3363-725-1516; members @; SAMPLE ONLY119ef.

Media: 2D 3D. Deadline:

International. Supports, encourages and promotes 2- and 3-D arts. No fee/6, ‚£35-‚£149 annual fee. Exhibition opportunities, art supply discounts, online gallery, etc. => Laura Elliott, International Association of 2 & 3 Dimensional Art, IATTDA, 8 Greenwood, 47 Wayland Close, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG129LA, UK. 07939282766; info @; SAMPLE ONLY95bc.

Media: PR. Deadline:
Professional fine art printmakers. No fee/10 (sl or CD), resume, $40/yr. Exhibitions, demonstrations, online portfolio, newsletter. Jury: SAGA Council members. => Membership Cttee, Society of American Graphic Artists, 32 Union Square Rm 1214, NY NY 10003. SAMPLE ONLY113x.


Media: 2D. Deadline: Mar 5 |+|
Juried show of work that pertains to international affairs and global issues. $10/3. Jury: Elizabeth Corden, Jan Potts, gallerists. => Mary Dola, Juried Show, World Affairs Council of Nor. California, 312 Sutter St Ste 200, SF CA 94108. 415- 293-4626; worldaffairsart @; SAMPLE ONLY119cr.

Media: SC DR PA PH IN. Deadline: Mar 26 |+|
International. Exhibit exploring the intertwining of war and body"-- how the body in war is transformed, classified, displayed, utilized, represented and produced. No fee/3+ (email), synopsis of why work appropriate, CV, bio, availability between 8th and 13th June 2010. Participate in conference. => Sarah Maltby, War and the Body Exhibition, City University, Department of Sociology, Northampton Square, London, EC1V 0HB, UK. maltby @; SAMPLE ONLY119fb.

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Media: NM etc. Deadline: Mar 15
International. Collaboration by Roma/Gypsy contemporary and new media artists to act as active participants in solidarity w/ events and people that provoked his/her work," discussion in Belgrade, final presentation in Venice 2011. No fee, narrative, motivation letter, visual materials (links to videos, websites, etc). Jury: Suzana Mile

vska, Vladan Jeremic, Rena Raedle and Enisa Eminovska. => Call The Witness, 2nd Roma Pavilion, USA. callthewitness @

Media: PA DR PH SC MM IN. Deadline: Mar 30 |+|
Juried exhibit of works from American and Iraqi artists examining themes of violent conflict, war, displacement, and personal identity. No fee/ (CD + hardcopies, email or on line), 1-para statement. $1k, featured artist status, all entries displayed online. => Tricia Heuring, The Art of Conflict: Identity in Conflict and Displacement, Iraqi and American Reconciliation Project, 1346 Westwood Hills Rd, St. Louis Park MN 55426. 612-978-5566; submissions @; SAMPLE ONLY119ab.


see also web and slide registries

Media: PU SC. Deadline: Mar 3 #
Preference to Palm Beach County area residents. RFQ for work in new public plaza, to bolster Delray Beachs rich artistic traditions, redevelopment efforts, welcome visitors, reflect historic nature, cultural heritage of African American settlers. No fee/ (CD & printout) letter of interest, resume, appl. $15k. => Vince A. Wooten, Call to Artists - W. Atlantic Plaza, Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), 20 N Swinton Av, Delray Beach FL 33444. wooten @ ci.delray-; SAMPLE ONLY119bt.

Media: PU. Deadline: Mar 4 #
|+| RFQ for site specific work for new tech college, to reflect community, topography and traditions of Region and County. No fee/10 (CD or online at ), letter of interest, resume, etc. $133k. => Jim Glenn, Mountainland Applied Tech. Coll. Pub. Art, Utah Division of Arts & Museums, 617 East South Temple, Salt Lake City UT 84102. 801-533-3585; jglenn @; SAMPLE ONLY119au.

Media: PU. Deadline: Mar 9 |+| #
RFQ for artist/team to collaborate w/ Discovery Museum Project Team on overall project design, developing site-integrated work w/ educational theme of water. No fee/6 (, resume, statement of intent, 3 refs. $450k. => Ellen Martin, Discovery Museum Project, The City of Fort Collins Art in Public Places, Box 580, Ft Collins CO 80522. 970-416-2789; emartin @; SAMPLE ONLY119cc.

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