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Frequently Asked Questions

AOM Content

How many entries are there in each issue?
About 350 to 450. Our record so far is 479.
How many of them are new?
About 150-220.
Do you include entries open to artist outside the US?
Yes, about 1/3 of them are. Most are based in the US, though. Some are based in other countries.
What percentage of the listings are juried shows?
About 1/3. The rest are calls for public art commissions,  residencies, grants, fellowships, image registries, etc.
Why don't you list commercial galleries that charge submission fees?
Because they are in effect saying to artists: We need to have income but we can't get it from selling your work, so we are going to get it directly from you. Generally, that's not a good deal for artists.
How is that different from a non-profit that charges submission fees?
Non-profits are not in the business of  selling work. Normally they exist to provide art and other forms of culture to the community. They are funded by contributions, local and state government support and fees such as entry fees. If an artist is interested in selling work, juried shows are not a particularly good deal, but at least the artist goes into it eyes wide open.
Why do you list things with only a couple of days until the deadline?
We try not to publish  new entries that have deadlines too close to the publication date. Most entries that do are from previous issues. But  there are two good reasons to publish anything that has a deadline nearby: 1) Not all deadlines are firm. If you are really interested, call the organization and find out if it is. 2) There may be other information in the listing useful to you, such as the names of the jurors,  the contact information in case you want to get on their list for show and calls-to-artist announcements.
Not all organization are able to get out their calls for artists far in advance of the deadline. They have the same sorts of reasons for delay that any other group may have. Also, since we are a monthly, anything that comes in after our editing deadline (the 29th of the preceding month) cannot get added until the next issue. If something comes in on the first of the month and it's deadline is the 2nd of the following month, well, you see the problem. Our alternative is to leave it out entirely. We normally chose to keep it in.
        By the way, it's always important to be thoroughly prepared -- stamps, CDs of images, slides, easy-to-edit computer files of slide labels and lists,resume, etc., so that you can get your application materials out the door within an hour after learning about something.
What does "Open" mean as a deadline?
It means as of publication, the opp had no specific deadline and was likely to remain that way in the foreseeable future. Of course, you must always go to the site and check the particulars or contact the organization for current information. Never send in your materials or application without doing so. Anything can change at any time.
What does "Current" mean as a deadline?
Current (followed by the month it was first listed) means that as of publication, there was no specific deadline, but because of the nature of the opp, it would likely not be open for a very long time. Of course, you must always go to the site and check the particulars or contact the organization for current information. Never send in your materials or application without doing so.

AOM Format and Troubleshooting

Why publish AOM as a PDF?
A PDF is highly searchable using Adobe Acrobat Reader and the format appears the same on any computer. It can also be printed out, either in its entirety or in part, or converted to a text or Word document.
I don't like to read on line. Do you have a print version?
Sorry, we did for several years but printing and mailing expenses made it prohibitive and the vast majority of subscribers were using email. You can, however, print out the PDF file. If you use a black and white laser printer, it can be done quickly and cheaply. A duplex printer (automatically prints on both sides) is the most efficient. Lexmark™ makes an excellent model, E250d, that can be found on sale for as little as $160. 
Can I copy it into MS Word?
Yes, if you don't have time to learn the ins and outs of WordPerfect™ and are used to Word, you can simply select the whole file in the free Adobe Acrobat Reader then copy and paste it into an open Word file. Some of the formatting will be off; for instance, there will be no blank line between entries and the Classified Ads will interrupt the entries. For better results, try  Free PDF to Word Doc Converter.
Can I copy it as a text file?
Yes, but there is no real advantage, and several disadvantages. To do it, simply select the file in free Adobe Acrobat Reader, copy and paste into an open editing program.
The links don't work in the copy I got. Why?
You are probably using a Mac and viewing AOM in Preview. You need to close Preview and open the file with the Adobe Reader.
Where can I get Adobe Reader?
The type is too small, can it be bigger?
It can be any size you want. Simply click on the + sign in the tool bar of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Use the minus sign to make it smaller. Or go to View and choose Zoom. You'll notice several other options; experiment with these until you find the one that's best for you.
Can't you make it so the page number is on the top of the pages, too?
You can, in effect. Simply go to View then Page Display and check Single Page Continuous.
Are there more instruction on using the functions of Adobe Reader with AOM?
Yes, here.

Searching AOM

How do I find grants? 
Make sure you have AOM open in Adobe Reader (aka Adobe Acrobat Reader). This will not work in Mac's Preview. Go to Edit then Search. This will open a panel with a box in which you can type grant. Use the singular form of the word and do not check any of the boxes. This will create a list of all the instances in the file that the string of letters g-r-a-n-t  shows up, such as grant, grants, or even granting, no matter  whether upper or lower case. 
How do I find things for Photographers? Painters? Public artists?
Whatever your particular medium, you can find all that apply to it by using Adobe Reader's extended search. Use the 2-letter media code from the top of each issue (for instance, for painting, you would use PA) and enter that in the full Reader Search box (Go to Edit then Search. This will open a panel with a box in which you can type the code.) Select "whole words only" and  "Case-Sensitive." This will get you a list of all the entries that specifically accept that particular medium., each showing about the first dozen words associated with it. You can click on any of these links to go directly to the listing. The entire list will stay open until you do another search or close the files. You will want to repeat the search withMedium: All. This will give you a list of those which accept all media. If your work is two-dimensional, repeat the search with 2D, if three-dimensional, with3D.  If you are looking for public art commissions, use PU. (Note: searches for SCulpture or PAinting   will also find you things in South Carolina or PennsylvaniA respectively but you can easily skip over them.
How do I find thing that are in my home state?
You can use the extended search functions as above but enter the two-letter code for your state. (Pennsylvania and South Carolina will also find you PAinting and SCulpture but a you can quickly skip over those. You could also look for your ZIP code --the first three numbers would be best, although some street addresses would be mixed in. You can experiment with your area code, too.
How can I find all the International opps?
Use the extended search function, as above, and look for International.

Subscription Questions

Can I subscribe or renew with a credit card?
Yes, but you have to go through PayPal. It is safer for you because PayPal has security measures that small outfits like ours cannot hope to match. Only PayPal will have your CC and other information. We won't.
Can I pay by check?
Yes, the price is the same, $25US/year. Send your check to AOM, Box 502, Benicia CA 94510-0502, USA.
I subscribed by PayPal. The receipt says that the first year is for 11 months and the ensuing years are for 12. Why?
That simply ensures that you will be renewed in time for the first issue of your second year. You still get a year's worth each year.
When does each issue come out?
By the end of the first of the month, sometimes earlier, except on holidays, but sometimes even on holidays.
I didn't get this issue. Why?
Our delivery service shows the email addresses of those that didn't get delivered and the reason for non-delivery. There are usually only one or two per issue. The reasons are either that the mailbox is full or it has been closed. Once in a while, the receiving server (on your end) is down.   All the rest got delivered to the proper email. If you didn't get yours it means your ISP, your Webmail service (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) or your Domain Host (if you are having mail sent through that) is treating AOM as spam and is not forwarding it to you. Contact us if you didn't get an issue and we will re-send it directly. If you don't get that, you'll have to contact your ISP, Domain Host or Webmail service to have them straightened it out. One more thing: Yahoo has more problems that most and recently has been delaying  delivery for up to 24 hours.
I see that PayPal  automatically renews the subscription by default. Can I turn that off?
Absolutely! You can turn that off at any time. PayPal has a function that will let you do that but you can simply email us and we will do it for you.
Why was my subscription canceled? I just got a notice from PayPal saying it had been canceled?
PayPal is simply referring to their auto-renew, not your actual subscription. By law (the PATRIOT Act, in fact), they are required to cancel any automatic payments such as these whenever a user's credit card or bank information  changes. We have nothing to do with that. The main thing to remember is this does not affect your actual subscription to Art Opportunities Monthly, only the auto-renew. We'll send you a notice before your last issue and right after it, so you can renew then.
Why was I renewed when I didn't ask to be?
Because you chose the default when you subscribed via PayPal.  Nevertheless, the auto-renew is there for subscriber convenience and to protect against price
increases. It is not binding. If you don't want to continue with your subscription, email us and we'll cancel your subscription and refund your payment immediately. We are in business to help artists, not to take money from them for things they don't want and cannot use.
Do you have a guarantee?
Yes! Unlike other services, we have a guarantee. And it is a 100 percent guarantee: If at any time before your subscription has expired you decide Art Opportunities Monthly doesn't meet your needs, contact us and we'll refund your entire subscription price.


What is your privacy policy?
Absolute privacy. We do not sell, trade, rent, barter or in any way reveal your name or personal data without your permission.
How can I upload an image to your website gallery?
If you are a paid-up subscriber, you can use the handy form on the site or email the information along with the image as an attachment. We prefer the form.  In either case, please follow the directions exactly in order to avoid mistakes and delays.
Can I have a link on your link page?
Yes, as a paid subscriber you can email it along with your media (painting, sculpture, printmaking, etc).
Can I or my organization submit an opportunity?
Yes, we have an online form  or you can send it by email .
Does a listing cost money?
No, if: 1) you are a non-profit, whether or not you charge submission fees or 2) you are for profit but do not charge submission fees. For-profits are encouraged to buy classified or banner ads, at very reasonable prices. See the online form  or submit by email. Non-profits can buy classified ads in addition to their free listings, as those give them at least three times the exposure.
Can I or my gallery submit an advertisement?
Yes, there is an online form  or you can email us. In either case, we will arrange for payment.
Do you have banner ads?
Yes,  see thebanner size page  for sizes and prices. Email us for questions.


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