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Please follow these directions carefully. Failure to do so will delay and possibly prevent your image from being in the gallery and will also delay images by other artists from being posted.

One image only per subscriber per year, please.

Title. Enter it exactly the way you want it -- no quote marks unless they are an integral part of the title. Example: Study in Gray and Black

Medium/media. Enter it as fully as you would like, no capital letters (those are the BIG letters, as opposed to the little letters) except for brand names. Example: soft ground etching on Arches paper.

Save your image as a JPG exactly 600 pixels high at about 75 or 80% compression, which is 6 if you are using Photoshop and may be something else in other programs. (Don't worry about DPI or PPI. They affect only printing and do not affect how the image appears on screen. Anyone who tells you anything different is confused.)

Name of your image file. This is the file you upload. It must be your last name followed by an underscore followed by your first initial, all in lower case (small letters). Nothing else will be accepted. Example: matisse_h.jpg

Dimensions. Enter numbers here. No inch marks or foot marks. Instead, you indicate feet or inches in one of the check boxes. If your work is painting, drawing, prints -- anything that is normally hung on the wall -- it is considered 2D (two dimensional) unless it has elements that stick out substantially from the surface.


About 25-40% of all submissions to competitions are rejected without ever being seen by the jurors. Why? Because the artist failed to follow directions. This service by Art Opportunities Monthly is free for paid subscribers, but it wastes our time, and thus money, and yours if you don't take the little bit of effort to read and follow the directions and check your work before you submit. Also, we can't change the size of your image because it may degrade it.Thanks.

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