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Do you want to reach 1000's of working artists who are looking for shows and competitions to enter, as well as supplies and services? Then advertise in what artists are calling “a great publication!!”, “awesome!” and “a great resource for artists who want to get their work out.” See more comments here.
Your ad will run: 1) the Pro email edition of AOM, 2) the free email edition of AOM, 3) the promotional fliers we hand/send out, 4) on the AOM web site (four pages) and 5) the AOM Editor's blog. See here for more information about exposure.
Ads must be paid for in advance of publication. Your ad will go on the Web pages shortly after payment is made even if that is before the issue is published.
Please use the form below, email us or use plain paper.

You will also be listed in the editorial section of AOM where your entry will be preceded by {AOM advertiser} for additional impact.

For even greater esposure, please consider a dedicated eblast or a banner ad.

 Classified ads cost only $10.00/line, approximately 40 characters per line. (Four line minimum.) The first four words are bolded automatically, at no extra charge. Additional bold words and ALL CAPS words are $1.00 each. Enter your ad below. To indicate bold words, enclose them in asterisks *like this.* To indicate ALL CAPS words simply type them in ALL CAPS. 













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