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Max Van Pelt

Max Van Pelt
Assembling simultaneous elements that range from precise to tenuous, humorous to aggressive, Max's work attempts to decipher and re-pose the gamut of conditions and relationships he perceives out in the world. As he responds to these inquiries, Max has been making intricately welded steel sculptures with cast concrete, wood, string, and other elements. Allied with his linear sculptures, he develops exuberant paintings that freely navigate the geometries of architectural, natural, and emotional space together with the arising inscapes of his imagination. Regardless of media, the work anchors firmly in the exploration and mindset of drawing. --Max Van Pelt                                        

image copyright by artist, 2012
Newly Revised Emotive Atlas and Cerebral Gazetteer #1, 2012, graphite, soft pastel, highlighter pencil, tape, walnut ink, pen, coffee, India ink, paper, pencil, paint marker, 25 x 42 in.

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