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Deane Bowers

Deane Bowers
This fish made from vibrant paper collage, coat hangers, bottle caps, nails, pull tabs and metal bits is a piece of UpCycled perfection. The contrast between the colored and rough hued materials creates an unusual balance of industry and art. There is much perfection in broken pieces. Their interaction with one another is a graphic and interesting medley. The beauty and creativity of broken, twisted and fragmented materials coming together to form a wholeness that is stronger than the sum of its parts. Every scrap of material was not only salvaged but also broken and useless on its own. The twisted nails and broken metal pieces display a roughness yet when paired with other fragmented pieces, they convey strength. Life is complicated, sometimes dull, sometimes rough; as are the materials in this piece. However, when damaged, disconnected and incomplete things come together in an eclectic way, a distinct plainness becomes a raw and rare form of beauty and wholeness. As with all my artwork, the materials used are 100% UpCycled and creatively reused in an entirely different way than their original purpose.
copyright 2015 by artist

Medium Fish, 2015, mixed media on paper collage, 12 x 15 in.

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